Dark Skies of Kerry above Álaind Lodges

Dark Skies Kerry telescope

Did you know that on a clear night at Álaind Lodges you can see more stars than you ever thought possible. This is because our dark skies are located between the mountains and the sea in an area with minimal light pollution.

In fact in 2014, the International Dark Skies Association recognised the 700 Square km area beside Sneem as a Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserve. This makes it the first area with this award in the Northern hemisphere and one of only four top tier reserves in the world.

How Best to Enjoy the Dark Skies

Enjoying this wonderful experience is easy. All you need are some extra warm layers and a clear night and you’ll soon be gazing at countless stars, picking out the constellations or spotting shooting stars. Sure telescopes can and are used but here, unlike in the towns and cities, you can see so much with the naked eye.

Having a headtorch with a red light option will allow you to move around safely, while preserving your night vision. This is particularly helpful if you are an astro-photography fan and using camera equipment. Check out this picture of the Milky Way Galaxy taken by Katie Gordon recently at Álaind Lodges. You can see more of Katie’s incredible photos on her Instagram Page.

Milky Way Galaxy in the Dark Skies of Kerry above Álaind Lodges
Milky Way in the Dark Skies above Álaind Lodges in Sneem. Image copyright of Katie Gordon.

If you like the sound of this, you can read more about viewing the Sneem Dark Skies and about the Dark Skies Award itself. Star gazing is definitely one of the best things to do while in Sneem and of course it’s absolutely free.

Another great and fun way to experience the amazing dark skies of Sneem is to try a night walk experience with Fergal Harrington from Álaind Walking Holidays. The length of the walk can be tailored to suit you. You can email or call me directly at +353-85-2581480 to plan your night walk adventure.