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Frequent Holiday questions answered about our Tours in kerry, ireland

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Answers to Questions you need to know when PLANNING a WalkING HOLIDAY with us

When is the Best Time to Book My Walking Holiday?

Simple answer is All Year Round! Yes any time of year.
Thankfully, in Ireland and particularly at our base in Kerry, we experience little of what one might call extreme weather. Our Summers are warm and our winters are mild.

The average weather temperatures are between 7 °C (45 °F) in January and February, and 15.5 °C (60 °F) in July and August. In fact, even in winter, the weather is largely frost free thanks to the warm Atlantic Gulf Stream. Thank to it, even semi-tropical vegetation thrives here.

Why Should I Book a guided walking holiday?

By booking a guided holiday, you are assured of experiencing the best walking routes and trails. Much of the walking here in Kerry happens in remote and wild areas with no trail markings. For this reason, you need maps and the ability to navigate by them.

As well as this you’d likely have to spend a lot of time planning and this is time you may not have. Instead you can leave all the logistics to your expert guide, while you concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

What About Self-Guided walking holidays?

When considering self-guided walking holidays you can either choose to plan your own walks entirely using your own research and maps etc. or you can choose one of our mini-breaks.  You can choose the Kerry GeoPark self-guided holiday or the Kerry Way self-guided holiday.  For your convenience both are on a three night all-inclusive basis including two days of organised walks, transport (to Kerry Way), packed lunches, evening meals, maps and information and walking poles.

What Choice of Holidays Do I have?

We understand that everyone has their own preference for the type of walks that they like to do. With this in mind, we thought a lot about our favourite walks and which ones our guests would like most. When we were happy with the list we had curated, we grouped them together into our tour packages. All holiday pages include itineraries.

Guided Holiday Tours (Selected Dates) 3 Nights All-Inclusive:

Self-Guided Holiday Tours (All Dates):


Can I Hire You As A Guide Only?

Yes, we also provide guiding services and private walking tours,  whereby we tailor a day’s walking activity to your requirements.  The great news is that Sneem offers excellent walking for all levels and interests.  

As this is a bespoke service you can use our contact page to get in touch and we’ll take it from there.  Our Guides and Holiday descriptions will give you inspiration for your private walking tour.

Social Distancing Holidays by Álaind Walking
Álaind Lodges Holiday Accommodation

What About The Need for Social Distancing?

Covid-19 & Social Distancing protocols are central to our holidays and to ensuring everyone stays safe and well. We have put in place precautionary measures so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest while, keeping safe.

Although it’s much easier to keep 2m apart while walking across the countryside, our measures also apply to transport, relaxing and dining arrangements. The good news is that we have a number of indoor and outdoor seating areas, where’ll you’ll be comfortable during your downtime.

Where Is the Accommodation and What is It Like?

Our guest stay at Álaind Lodges, Sportsfield Road, Sneem in Kerry for the duration of the holiday. This is our base for all our walking activities, so you can begin relaxing as soon as you check into your room. We hope you’ll consider it like your home away from home. 

The name Álaind (pronounced ‘All-ind’) means splendid place in our native Irish language. We believe our luxury en suite bedrooms and our beautiful countryside setting at the foot of the Dunkerron mountains, lives up to this standard. Our peaceful generous rooms at Álaind Lodges feature wooden floors, power showers and fluffy towels, all of which will contribute to the enjoyment of your stay.

Some cool tips you should know


Sneem Has Something for everyone. You’ll find a good selection of restaurants and pubs great entertainment.

Sneem caters daily for a great number of daily tourist visitors. In fact it is quite a food hub with 10 restaurants or casual dining outlets and 5 pubs. Music rotates between the pubs on different nights.


Sneem’s Beaches Are Open All Year and Perfect for A stroll or a swim if your brave enough.

Thanks to its situation on the shores of the Atlantic, Sneem has a number of fabulous beaches just a short drive away. 


Many Famous People have come from, or are Connected with Sneem.

Within the village itself you can follow Sneem’s Sculpture Trail with 14 different points of interest.  In addition to honouring the memories of a number of high profile Sneem residents, the trail showcases artistic and nature installations.


Catch a falling Star in Sneem’s Dark Skies.

In 2014 The International Dark Sky Association Awarded the region west of Sneem Gold Tier Dark Sky Reserve Status. On a clear night in Sneem you will see more stars and heavenly bodies than you ever thought possible. Enhance the experience with a pair of binoculars and some warm layers.


Be Polite and Patient. Try to Enjoy the People and the Atmosphere of Sneem.

The Local people in Sneem are friendly, chatty and witty. Making their acquaintance is part of the experience and what memories are made of.

Sneem is the base of our Walking Holidays in Ireland

Smile and enjoy sneem. take a long walk around and talk to people.

Even better still, why not extend you stay in Sneem by a few days and explore its many charms. You can book extra nights online with us and find inspiration in our top things to do in Sneem.